SnapTravel Review: Let Robots Find You Hotel Deals

Now’s the time to stop bemoaning
Facebook Messenger as an obnoxious, half-hearted project that wants to
steal your identity and force you to download it. The reason? SnapTravel.

SnapTravel is a Facebook
messenger bot that helps you book hotels. It’s fast, efficient, and
promises to help you score an upgrade at no extra cost to you—its also
got better discounts than other hotel booking services.

To use SnapTravel, go to the website,
enter your destination and the dates you’ll be traveling, and click the
“Get deal on messenger” button. Snaptravel then takes you to Facebook
Messenger and asks if you have a specific hotel in mind. For the
purposes of this review, I chose no in order to see every hotel booking
deal offered by the messenger bot.

You can filter results by things like budget, rating and rewards
program. The application runs a quick search with the parameters you set
and lists the hotels it found, as well as the SnapTravel price compared
to It’ll also give you the number of stars a location has
on TripAdvisor, making it a great way to see if people who demand to
speak to the manager visit the hotel, or if you’ll be relatively free of
embarrassing Americans during your stay. From there, you can select
your hotel and book from the app.

SnapTravel, a Facebook messenger bot that books hotels, being used to search for hotel deals.

This is where the humans come in! SnapTravel separates itself from other bots by offering in-person help throughout the entire booking process. If you’re unsatisfied with your search results, you can speak to a travel rep who will help you find what you’re looking for. If you book something, the company’s agents follow your booking the entire time, working to ensure your needs are met and fighting to get you an upgrade. The company claims that about 30 percent of its reservations get upgrades.

Snaptravel services most locations, with a few notable exceptions. I was unable to use the hotel deal bot for my trip to Cuba, for example, but was quite pleased with the quantity and quality of results from Croatia; some Croatian hotels were up to $100 cheaper per night than the same listing on Expedia and!

If you’re looking for someone to provide you with a few of the top hotel options as opposed to digging through page after page of hotels on other booking sites, check out SnapTravel. The Los Angeles Times, Travel + Leisure, and Condé Nast Traveler all agree with our assessment (clearly we’re the trendsetters here).

Review of Facebook messenger bot SnapTravel, which helps users book cheap hotels and identify hotel deals.

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